RICHARD THOMPSON: Interview: Cheerful man with an ‘inner Brontë’

As Richard Thompson prepares to tour the UK for new album Electric, the 63-year-old tells Martin Chilton why music still excites him.

Richard Thompson performs at the 2009 Cropredy Festival

Richard Thompson splits his time between homes in Los Angeles and London but his mordant songs still spring from a very English imagination. "I'm not that affected by surroundings when I write music," the 63-year-old told me. "There is an inner landscape that you draw on, a sort of inner Brontë. It's a bleakness in which I always see songs happening. It's a fictional world. Maybe it doesn't even exist." Despite the emotional desolation of some of his songs, there is a wit and jollity to the music of someone who describes himself as "a very positive, optimistic person".