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The Yardbirds – Glimpses 1963 – 1968

Three years in the making an Official box set of rarities and unheard material. It also documents the bands transition from RnB stalwarts in the beginning into the Pop world and ultimately on to more experimental sounds and lastly to become a type of blueprint for what was to become Led Zeppelin. Features the most […]

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Live 1971 (CD) by Mississippi Fred McDowell

“I Don’t Play No Rock & Roll” Fred McDowell famously said, but many Rock &Rollers play Fred’s music. His bottleneck guitar playing is essential to the blues genre and has influenced countless players. Fred was an originator of a style called North Mississippi Blues or Hill Country Blues. The style has been carried on by […]

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GEORGE DUKE: In Conversation

Kelly Hughes writes: George Duke is a multi Grammy Award winning legend. So, when I called him to get a few quick quotes for my France Joli interview (he produced her album 'Witch Of Love') I quickly realized I needed to milk this conversation for all it was worth.  Duke is a musician's musician with […]

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JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Fly Translove Airways (5CD Limited Box)

We are told: Best known as the hippie revolutionaries who produced Sixties pop nuggets like "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love," Jefferson Airplane survived myriad personnel shifts, including the 1984 departure of founder/guiding light Paul Kantner, several name changes. Over its subsequent years, the band morphed from psychedelic rockers to an MOR pop powerhouse and […]

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Bob Mould, Husker Du, Sugar Albums from best to worst 1. Sugar - Copper Blue 2. H|sker D| - Flip Your Wig 3. H|sker D| - New Day Rising 4. Bob Mould - Workbook 5. Bob Mould - Silver Age 6. Sugar - File Under Easy Listening 7. H|sker D| - Zen Arcade 8. Sugar - Beaster 9. H|sker D| - Candy Apple […]

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22 (so far) responses to the question: Is music ever worthy of your FULL attention?

Originally published here 2014 Steve Guttenberg writes: A couple of weeks ago Geoffrey Morrison and I wrote about listening to music from totally opposite perspectives. He started with "Music multitasking: How 'background' listening enhances life," and I countered with "To listen to music or not: That is the question." Apparently, we're not done; on Wednesday […]

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VAN MORRISON: The Authorized Bang Collection (3CD)

They tell us..... This 3-CD set celebrates the 50th anniversary of Van Morrison’s first solo record and includes, for the first time on CD, the original mixes of the master recordings, including the hit “Brown Eyed Girl”. An additional 13 tracks of session outtakes (10 previously unreleased) complement the original masters, in both original stereo […]

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