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Enhanced listings offers peerless buyer / seller interactivity

No print-based ad can offer this exceptional level of interactivity with your buyers. No other audiophile site comes close to encouraging your target market to engage with you.

Here's an example of how a pro-active retailer, maker or distributor can exploit the interactivity capability

Monday @ 10.37 am ­– change one of the four hyperlinks back to your site to promote (say) a recent KEF trade-in you want to shift quickly. In your main space you write something like “Click link 1 to see today’s bargains’

Monday @ 15.44 am – announce you’ve just taken on (say) a new DAC supplier and that details can be found by clicking link 2

Tuesday @ 10.37 am – decide no changes are needed, everything stays as per yesterday

Wednesday @ 2:00 pm – invite visitors to participate in a 3-question survey about (say) PayPal charges

Thursday @ 2:00 pm – announce results of yesterday’s 3-question survey about (say) PayPal charges

Friday @ 9:00 am ­– announce you are (say) starting a music blog a bit like this one

Friday @ 11;46 am – announce (say) that the next 24 hour promotion starts at midnight tonight and click link 3 for details

Friday @ 01:09 pm – announce (say) experimental late opening for next Thursday

Friday @ 03:07 pm – show a link to a new article re (say) changing opinions re MP3

Saturday @ 10:00 am – Offer six pairs of free tickets to the next major audio show as a first come – first served opportunity. Readers need to register on your contact page to enter

And so on.

And that’s just the first week.

Now then, you could have entered far more changes, or far less – or let your great ad run unchanged for the entire week. Your choice and at no extra cost.

All this for a weekly cost of just £15.46 paid monthly; no long-term contract.

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