CALIFORNIA AUDIO LABS / CAL Audio: What happened?

We are told ...

Digital specialist based in Blue Lake in Claifornia, USA and founded in the mid 80's. Initially best known for their high end CD players but later diversified into high end DVD players and DAC's etc. and in the last few years of the company's life actually branched into the world of home theatre with the introduction of high end multichannel amplifiers, processors and the like, all styled by BMW's USA design studio. In 2001 however its mother company Sensory Science was bought by Sonic Blue who was interested in that company's multimedia technologies but had no interest in the high end audio market and thus closed CAL down in 2002. Note that the company sometimes branded their products as "CAL Audio", odd as that may seem and furthermore slightly confusing since there was another company with that name in the USA. If you need to have a device made by the company serviced in the USA or are in need of spare parts you can contact Approved Audio Service via E-Mail as : repair at

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