BI-WIRING: A daft idea or what?

Gentlemen - what is this 'thing' called bi-wiring and will Elsdon Wonfor Audio be making speaker cables that use this tecnique? Thanks. Ron McQueen.


Dear Ron, bi-wiring is used to stop the reflection signal of one or more transducers affecting the movement or control of another. This can happen and it is caused by the poor design of cables having different impedance and thus timing errors at mixed frequencies. Now with bi-wired system and active system the effect is lessened, however if the amplifier can’t control the speaker/load by means of its output impedance then you are just wasting money. So an amplifier should be fast and have a high damping factor.


At the moment there are no plans to produce bi-wire cable, however the ability to bi-amp may be included in the preamps with two buffered line-outputs


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