MERIDIAN: Thoughts invited re a curious phenomenon re pre-owned gear

 Howard Popeck … There has been for some while a curious trend re the sale prices achieved for BS Meridian pre-owned equipment. The 500 series and 600 series do attract rather high prices whereas the G-series rarely do. Even the comparatively modest 200 series, now circa 28 years olds, achieves surprisingly high prices. The 101/105 […]

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MQA One Year Later …… Suddenly, More Questions

Doug Schneider writes …. On April 1, 2016, we published “Myriad Questions About MQA,” my article about Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), a digital music format for high-resolution music files developed by Meridian Audio and now spun off as MQA Limited. (Audiophiles define high-resolution music file as a PCM digital file with a bit depth and/or […]

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