HEYBROOK: The TT in as few words as possible.

Pitch stability rhythm and timing were all very good while the bass was a strong point with welcome firmness coupled with good extension to lower bass frequencies. Solo singing focused well in the stereo sound stage, the latter exhibiting good space and depth. One cannot help but be impressed by the fine finish and construction […]

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SME: Model 10 – a user’s perspective

Editor’s note 29/04/2000. This is an ‘old’ thread but having checked it this morning there are still a few interesting and relevant observations I feel =============== Went back to vinyl around 4 years ago when I purchased an LP12 , however the LP12 was too sensitive with the tone arm bouncing across the records when […]

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FUNK FIRM: Gett! and what was said … at the time

PRESS RELEASE: Gett! is Funk’s new two-speed entry level design. Gett! is a true doorway into the world of Funk when it delivers a seductive performance and internationally it has already been reviewed thus: “Triumphant Entry…” Why add any more? The DC motor and circuit provides for a clean drive to the precision machined acrylic […]

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Jumping man


3009 … http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=p805861077 3009 2 … https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/sme-tonarm-3009-s2-422828940/ 3009 S2 … http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=u401685608 3012 2 … https://www.hifido.co.jp/20-28801-33814-00.html?LNG=E 3012 R … http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=h518261307 3012 RG … http://www.audioscope.net/sme-3012rg-limited-edition-p-2800.html?ref=3 HEADSHELL … https://www.tradera.com/item/302048/430365535/sme-3009-3012-headshell-pickupskal-med-sladdar HEADSHELL … https://www.tradera.com/item/302048/430365827/headshell-pickupskal-med-sme-faste-sme-liknande-skal-i-metall- MODEL .. 30/12 … https://www.audiophile.org/Ilan/Sme-model-3012-tuntable—tonearm-set/41333 MODEL … 30/2 … https://www.choicehifi.com/product/sme-model-302/ MODEL 10 … https://www.audio-markt.de/market/sme-sme-model-10-black-edition-2660144729 MODEL 10 … https://www.audiophile.org/Ilan/SME-Model-10/39185 MODEL 12A … http://bestsound.lv/shark/?id=201&refsource=hifishark MODEL 15A … https://www.choicehifi.com/product/sme-model-15a-2/ […]

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WILSON BENESCH: Full Circle turntable, ACT 0.5 tonearm, & Ply MC cartridge – test review

“Hello, I’d like to apply for a Federal Grant? For what? Oh, to design and build a new, high-tech, very expensive turntable. What’s that? It plays records. Yes, that kind of turntable. Ofcourse they still make records. Why? How much time do you have? Oh, I forgot—you’re a federal employee, you have all day! Well, I didn’t mean […]

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We asked around and from Singapore (thank you Mr. Tan) e received the following: Legendary Japanese producer of tonearms and pickups founded in 1964 by a former factory manager at Grace by the name of Osamu (Isamu) Ikeda, and introduced it’s first product in the form of the Fidelity Research FR-1 moving coil cartridge in […]

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