MERIDIAN: Their 607 in as few words as possible

Staff member Michael Vronsky writes: BitStream ADC / Optical (TOSLINK) + Coaxial inputs. Samples at 44.1 and 48kHz There are numerous applications for a stand-alone ADC such as this. Notably to facilitate the use of analogue components with Meridian digital loudspeakers. It is well above average, being sweet, open and pure in sound.£1,100 when new

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LECSON: Gale chrome beauties, vintage Quad and … Mr Lothar Kissinger

Howard Popeck writes ….. I’ve ‘known’ Lothar for some years despite never having met him nor sold him anything. That’s because in part we share a common audiophile history. He owns and uses some truly terrific state-of-the-art vintage equipment including, as you’ll see from the images, Lecson and Gale. My connection is that through serendipity […]

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GALE 401/402 speakers: How far could (and should?) they be tweaked beyond the original spec?

Howard Popeck asks: I note Dave that you only return a customer’s loudspeakers to original specification. However you strike us as an innovative man with a strong sense of curiosity. So our first question is primarily theoretical. How might a pair of 401 or 402 speakers be taken (in theory) to a higher level? For […]

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