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REELS and NABs NOT ON EBAY – FOR SALE. List updated July 2022

THE PUBLISHERS DO NOT VOUCH FOR ANY CONTENTS HERE.THE LISTING YOU ARE ABOUT TO VISIT MAY BE A SCAM. PLEASE BE CAREFUL —//— AGFA EMPTY REEL NAB … https://www.vatera.hu/agfa-nab-alu-orso-26-5-cm-3020348141.html AGFA METAL REEL … https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/audio-tv-en-foto/bandrecorders/m1725952495-5-spoelen-agfa-metaal-26-5-cm-nab.html?previousPage=lr AGFA NAB … https://www.vatera.hu/agfa-nab-alu-orso-26-5-cm-3060565007.html AKAI NAB … https://elektro.bazos.cz/inzerat/133333411/nab-adaptery-akai-original.php AKAI NAB … https://www.sbazar.cz/m.200/detail/138727562-akai-nab-adaptery-na-civky-265cm-made-in-japan HI-Q NAB … https://www.2dehands.be/a/audio-tv-en-foto/bandrecorder/m1678396198-hi-q-nab-adapters.html MAXELL MR-10 EMPTY REEL … […]

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CLASSIC KIT: What is the attraction?

Whilst my recent additions are for a secondary system, they certainly are competitive with today’s offerings at a corresponding price point (well, I believe so) albeit not likely to replace my main system. I could so easily have popped into Sevenoaks or the Classifieds and put together a middle of the range system but just […]

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Restoring Reel to reel machines?

A have a question i need a pretty proffesional answer to. The only person i think could possibly head me to right direction is Anthony TD. It’s regarding the restoration of two Open Reel machines..I have some scratched paint that i will refinish as original but i will lose some transfers. The transfers in question […]

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