SANSUI: Their best and worst speakers?

  I have sp300’s and sp3700a’s. And love both. I don’t have an answer for the worst although a friend had a pair when I was in high school mid eighties that I could pick up with one finger. I have no idea the model though. Dip in and out HERE

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SANSUI AUDIO for sale – updated May 2020

SE7 … AU 919 … C77 + B77 … TU 77 … T 7 … QRX 8001 … A 910 … G 8000 … AU 717 … 5050 … AX7 … AU 222 … AU 505 … AU 6500 … 212 […]

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SANSUI: The genius of one touch

Sansui Electronics 1984 Ad. Intelligent Super Compo Component System. We have the art of pleasure-seeking down to a science. One-touch music selection. By eliminating confusion over knobs and dials, Sansui’s superior Intelligent Super Compo music system offers the easiest, most pleasurable way to go from instant aniexty to instant gratification. It satisfies your desire for […]

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