A few viewer comments:

  • I was working in the middle of the New Mexico desert in 75 when I first heard this and I decided then and there I was going to marry either Maddy Prior or Gracie Slick. What a voice. I wore out the album Below the Salt. Thanks for the post.
  • The Geordie referred to in the song is George I, the non-English speaking Elector of Hanover. He was placed on the British Throne by the Whigs after Q. Anne's death in 1714 rather than restore the house of Stuart,
  • I remember seeing "The Span" many times in Edinburgh, at The Usher Hallin the late 70's early 80's. It was always marvelous when Maddy got herself off the stage and was dancing n jigging around the aisles with the audience. It was wonderful. What an atmosphere...