PROG ROCK: What is the greatest prog rock song?

Billy Beattie writes ...

Gosh that’s too hard to answer. So many Prog songs I love equally that I would have to give you 25 at least, and I’m libel to change my Mind, so in no specific order we have….

Comfortably numb Pink Floyd .such an epic song everything about it is great, it’s very dark lyrically but also beautiful and as for that guitar solo,monumental.

Solsbury hill Peter Gabriel. A proper pop song by progs ultimate performer, it documents his split with prog behemoths Genesis.

Locomotive Breath Jethro Tull. A song from the seminal album aqualung a true rock classic.

Marillion Kayleigh. Another pop classic from arguably the best prog album of the 1980s

Yes Wondrous stories. I could make a list of Yes songs that could be argued to be the greatest prog songs of all time, but I went for this one released as punk was blazing in the uk.

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody. Everyone knows it, it’s timeless and yes it comes from the time when Queen were in their Glam/Prog pomp.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer Karn evil 9. Mental sci fi song from the album brain salad surgery, so epically prog it takes up a side and a half of the album.

NEU! Hallo Gallo. Epic guitar work from Michael Rothe and it mesmerises you as it goes on and on and on ….

Peter Hamill nadirs big chance. In the character of nadir Hamill blasts out an anti glam statement that is to all points and purpose is prophetic about the coming of punk rock . The song ends with the mantra smash the system with a song. Brilliant!

Gong I never glid before. An epic and unusual song from the criminally underrated Gong.

David Bowie station to station. Yes it’s prog and it’s epic, a song that shifts in styles and as for the lyrics, they cover everything from the occult, love and taking copious amounts of cocaine.

Genesis the carpet crawlers. A song from one of the maddest concept albums ever put to vinyl. No one seems sure what it’s about, birth,babies or rebirth who cares. It’s achingly beautiful.

Porcupine tree trains. Mind blowing track from the album in absentia which is an album that deals with mental illness, serial killers etc. This song is awesome.

Asia Heat of the moment. Prog supergroup with members of Yes,king crimson,E.L.P and the buggles tear up the charts with this ear worm and that guitar solo by Steve Howe Awesome!

King Crimson 21st century schizoid man. An epic and visceral track that mixes jazz and heavy rock. No one had ever heard anything like this before.

The Beatles tomorrow never knows. Still sounds like a miracle considering the technology they had. This is the Big Bang for me personally, when progressive really meant something, it’s not a rehash of what went before ,it exists in a vacuum ,a giant leap forward.

Can I want more. Can have a massive hit single, this is timeless progpop from the masters of Krautrock.

Led zeppelin Kashmir. From the double album Physical Graffiti. Invokes a feeling of a place I’ve never been before. Absolutely epic.

Rush closer to the heart. A pop gem from Rush and their classic prog album farewell to kings. Geddy lees vocal is so awesome.

Deep purple child in time. Awesome song from the mighty deep purple. Gillian’s screams will live with you forever.

Van dear graff generator refugees. Achingly beautiful song from a prog classic album. Peter Hamills voice is like nothing ever heard before.

Renaissance northern lights. A whimsical and beautiful song that tore up the charts on its release.

Curved air back street luv. The beautiful Sonja sings her heart out on this classic hit of yesteryear, fabulous!

Kate Bush Hounds of love. Epic song from an epic album.This is Kate Bush in her pomp.

Supertramp give a little bit. Catchy as hell song from the brilliant supertramp. Big hit the world over.

Personally to me there is no such thing as the greatest prog song, there are far too many songs in the genre for there to be one truly great song. I could list another song from above artists that could justifiably be considered their best. Or list songs from artists like atomic rooster,Roy Harper,camel, caravan, IQ, Roxy Music,Uk,Pallas ,focus,etc. But I hope you enjoy the list ✌️

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