BACH: Sonatas and Partitas?

There is something about Bach that can simultaneously soothe my often aching brain while also stirring my flagging soul and nothing more so than the sonatas and partitas for solo violin (though I don't mind a bit of flute or oboe now and again either. I've been listening to quite a few recordings lately but I'm still left wanting for something elusive. I've enjoyed the Mullova recording and also the David Grimal despite them being being quite different. I wondered about the Ibragimova set but I have a recording of her doing one from a BBC cover disc and it didn't quite float my boat and I didn't quite get on with Podger either.

I remember watching Kennedy play I think the partita #2 in D minor at the Proms last year on the magic lantern and thoroughly enjoyed that but sadly he doesn't seem to have recorded them. So, who floats your boat, and who do you recommend I try (ideally for the complete set) bearing in mind I really like Kennedy's playing style for them?

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