THE BEATLES: Did they go to John’s funeral?


There was no funeral to attend.

John had no public funeral per the wishes of the ever eccentric Yoko Ono.

The day after the murder, Lennon's remains were cremated at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, Westchester County, New York, and his ashes were scattered in Central Park, in sight of their apartment.

Interestingly, John had mentioned not wanting to be cremated and much preferred the idea of formal burial. Yoko, however, completely ignored John’s wishes, seeming more interested in her version of the situation than what John preferred. She wanted him cremated in less than 24 hours after his death.

She never allowed his family in England to say goodbye and didn't invite them to his memorial.

A section of Central Park that lies directly across from the Dakota Apartments where Lennon lived at the time of his death, was dubbed the area is named after one of Lennon's favorite Beatles songs. It was called the Strawberry Fields.

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