SPOTIFY: Acquisitions

In May 2013, Spotify acquired music discovery app Tunigo.[58] In March 2014, they acquired The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company.[59][60] In June 2015, Spotify announced they had acquired Seed Scientific, a data science consulting firm and analytics company. In a comment to TechCrunch, Spotify said that Seed Scientific's team would lead an Advanced Analytics unit within the company focused on developing data services.[61][62] In January 2016, they acquired social and messaging startups Cord Project and Soundwave,[63] followed in April 2016 by CrowdAlbum, a "startup that collects photos and videos of performances shared on social networks," and would "enhance the development of products that help artists understand, activate, and monetize their audiences".[64] In November 2016, Spotify acquired Preact, a "cloud-based platform and service developed for companies that operate on subscription models which helps reduce churn and build up their subscriber numbers".[65]

In March 2017, Spotify acquired Sonalytic, an audio detection startup, for an undisclosed amount of money. Spotify stated that Sonalytic would be used to improve the company's personalised playlists, better match songs with compositions, and improve the company's publishing data system.[66] Spotify also acquired MightyTV later in March, an app connected to television streaming services, including Netflix and HBO Go, that recommends content to users. Spotify mainly uses MightyTV to improve its advertising efforts on the free tier of service.[67] In April, they acquired Mediachain, a blockchain startup that had been developing a decentralized database system for managing attribution and other metadata for media.[68][69] This was followed May with the acquisition of artificial intelligence startup Niland, which uses technology to improve personalisation and recommendation features for users.[70][71] In November, Spotify acquired Soundtrap, an online music studio startup.[72][73]

On 12 April 2018, Spotify acquired the music licensing platform Loudr.[74] On 6 February 2019, Spotify acquired the podcast networks Gimlet Media and Anchor FM Inc., with the goal of establishing themselves as a leading figure in podcasting.[75][76][77] On 26 March, Spotify announced they would acquire another podcast network, Parcast.[78][79] On 12 September, Spotify acquired SoundBetter, a music production marketplace for people in the music industry to collaborate on projects, and distribute music tracks for licensing.[80]

On 5 February 2020, Spotify announced its intent to acquire Bill Simmons' sports and pop culture blog and podcast network The Ringer for an undisclosed amount.[81][82] In November, Spotify announced plans to acquire Megaphone from The Slate Group for US$235 million.[83]

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