NAIM: Vinyl news

Naim Records was created by Naim founder Julian Vereker in 1993. The label combines his love for music with his quest to deliver the best sound quality, from the studio to the listening room. Naim Recs has traditionally given a voice to musicians whose music may not have had the chance to be heard by a wider audience, and continues to do so by investing in the grass roots stages of our artists' careers, providing a platform for them to fulfil their vast potential.

Hence, other recent releases have included works by singer/songwriter Harry Jay-Steele, contemporary jazz musician Yazz Ahmed, Sean Foran, Stuart McCallum and Daudi Matsiko.

“You can certainly call our catalogue eclectic... I want variety in my life. I can’t listen to one type of music again and again. I don’t see why a label should stick to one sort of music."

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