HERMAN’S HERMITS: Why were they overshadowed by The Beatles in terms of popularity, despite having comparable levels of talent?


Herman’s Hermits weren’t remotely close to the Beatles in terms of talent.

Peter Noone himself said in an interview for “The History of Rock & Roll” miniseries “I couldn’t write songs like John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I’d look silly in the Gene Vincent look. So we just wrote good romantic music.”

There you have it. Noone recognized his own limitations and wrote songs within his ability - songs like “I’m Into Something Good” and “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter”.



Is this a joke question…?! Are you from America where they swooned over pretty boy Herman…?

“Comparable levels of talent…”

I`ve got steam coming out of my ears after reading that. Are you a teenager who know nothing about the Beatles or only just discovered them….?

I expect you`ll next be suggesting that the Monkees were also worthy of being spoken about alongside the Beatles. Never.

Herman`s Hermits and the Monkees were soft pop bands without a shred of credibility compared to the Beatles.

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