ALBERT LEE: Highway Man (CD)

Highway Man (CD)

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Legendary guitarist Albert Lee's solo album Highwayman is an intimate and heart-wrenching collection of classic acoustic covers. Most know him as the "ultimate virtuoso" (in Eric Clapton's own words) on an electric guitar…but for Albert Lee's latest offering, this world-renowned and much-loved country legend swaps his signature Ernie Ball Music Man and "Country Boy" fast-picking for a close, personal and straight-from-the-heart performance on just piano, acoustic guitar and vocals.

"Highwayman" features 12 honest and unapologetic renditions of some of Albert's all-time favourite tracks - recorded live and captured in a moment of true inspiration - and truly represents, to quote the man himself, "the album I'd always wanted to record".

This raw and emotional record pays tribute to many of Albert's musical influences - the classic rock 'n' roll of the Everly Brothers' "Bye Bye Love", the deep feeling of Rodney Crowell's ballad "Till I Can Gain Control Again", and the centrepiece of the album in Jimmy Webb's "The Highwayman" - a powerful and dramatic, and most probably definitive, version of a true musical masterpiece. This is Albert Lee as close and personal as you are ever likely to hear.

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