HARBETH: “Which Harbeth is best for me?” New users ask …

I just joined this group today and would like to give some background, which hopefully will also generate some discussion.

About 18 months ago I sold my 12 year old Mirage 260 monitors and replaced them with Magnepan MMGs. While the Maggies are very transparent in some ways, I sadly miss the imaging of the monitors, as well as the bass, even if it was the engineered-in bass hump. I have many times heard and read great things about Harbeth, and with your help, I'll choose the right ones.

I play acoustic guitar, and have alot of solo guitar recordings in my collection. I also listen to alot of jazz (Monk, Davis, Charlie Hunter, Patricia Barber, Diana Krall etc), and small ensemble classical. My rock music tastes go from British art rock (Yes, Crimson) to classic 60's rock.

My electronics are Parasound Halo A23 and P3. I currently listen in a very small room (10x10). Later this year we will get a new house and I anticipate having a somewhat larger listening room. So, fully realizing the subjectivity of my questions, what do you think of the following:

  1. which model would you guess makes the most sense for me?
  2. are my electronics appropriate for a Harbeth speaker?

One thought on “HARBETH: “Which Harbeth is best for me?” New users ask …

  1. May I ask why you have limited yourself to only Harbeth? Nothing against them but at the prices they sell for, I would possibly consider Graham Audio, Stirling Broadcast, Spendor, ProAc or even Falcon Acoustics latest offerings too.

    The wider the range you consider, the better chance of matching room & equipment.

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