PHASE LINEAR: 700b Amplifier

I have on a mission to find a clean natural sounding amp to power the ALIII. The ribbon drivers present a very difficult load. I found a 700 b rebuilt by an electrical engineering professor who does it as a hobby. WOW. So this a a mint 700b and maybe upgraded slightly from original. Without going into long analysis of music this amp has massive power and transparency and it does sound more tube than solid state unless you drive it to clipping. The closest thing I have heard that compares is the Boulder or Levinson amps which are thousands of dollars. 

In 1978 money this amp approached the $5000.00 price tag. Anyway I only paid $500 and what a steal. It is like buying a Ferrari for the price of a Chevy Cavalier. And being vintage it will go up in value. I would avoid overdriving. However, if this amp was used on efficient speakers of the cone design one would be operating at about 5-10 watts giving you massive reserves and low distortion. This amp would probably blow a high efficiency speaker. I assure you that you will be listening to all your music all over again. This amp proves that solid state does not have to sound harsh.


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