BILL EVANS: The Quiet Passion Of Bill Evans (3CD)

  We are told: The Quiet Passion of Bill Evans is a three-disc box set anthology of collaborations, guest sessions and classic trio recordings made during the meteoric first seven years of the career of this extraordinary, internationally renowned, pianist. . Throughout the set, and in an eclectic range of musical contexts, we hear the […]

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TOM JONES / RONNIE WOOD: interview: Why everyone’s still singing the blues

From the archives Neil McCormick: In a dingy, crowded rehearsal studio in north London, Sir Tom Jones sits on a high stool, facing his five-piece band as they come to the rumbling end of another song. “Sounds a bit timid to me,” says the grey-haired, grey-bearded, deeply tanned 72-year-old veteran. “Let’s do it again.” A […]

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READERS’ LETTERS: Is DSD audible in audio transfers?

JOHN D writes … DSD (1 bit Pulse Density Modulation, Sigma/Delta Modulation is not digital. PCM is digital. ‘Direct Stream Digital’ is simply a marketing ‘logo’ created by Sony/Phillips. The problem is you cannot keep running off tape copies to vinyl – tape deteriorates every time you play it. With old tape you have to […]

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Top 10 Classical Music Moments in Cinema?

1) Brief Encounter (1945, dir David Lean) A film of simmering passions, suppressed by a pair of very British stiff upper lips. Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto is a constant presence throughout the story, summing up perfectly a love affair that can never be realised. It’s one of the most romantic films ever made, teetering on the edge […]

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OH DEAR: Knowing your hi-fi enemy

I get a lot of flack for my dislike of USB as a medium between the computer and DAC. Truth is, it’s not USB I don’t like. It’s what USB connects with that bothers me. Noisy computers. Here’s the deal. We all know computers are vile, noisy affairs that hopefully are as far away from […]

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