HARBETH: A note from a scientist and second-generation Harbeth owner

Having just bought a pair of SHL5+ speakers, I wanted to write a note to you, partly in comment on how delightful the speakers are, partly in explanation of why I chose to buy Harbeth speakers, and partly to add some data to the demographics of your customer base.

To provide some demographic context, you might notice from my HUG profile that I currently live in the USA, but I grew up in the southern England. I studied and have made a career of physics (I work at a national lab in nuclear astrophysics research).

I also grew up in the presence of a pair of Harbeth speakers (I believe they were Dudley Harwood's HL Mk I - my dad bought them in either the very late 70s or the very early 80s), which made a lasting impression on how I listen, and what I expect from audio equipment. I don't know how many second-generation Harbeth listeners there are, but you may add one more to the list!

Thank yo

Neil McCauley / editor in chief