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From the archives, but still relevant I believe.



The latest on this ongoing 'amps are all the same' thing on the Harbeth User Group forum - 'The last word on audio amplifiers - Jan 2015'

The comments are getting quite heated on this one but Shaw will not be moved stating that at the Bristol show he will compare the Chinese Pulse amp (85w, £69 + vat) to a very expensive high powered German amp though HL5S+, and we are welcome to see if we can tell them apart.

I've followed this over the last year or so with some interest, because I know for a certain fact that amplifiers do have different sonic qualities, regardless of 'loudness'. I have tried Shaw's 'test' - not with voltmeters and such but by taking two amps, one powerful and inexpensive and one low powered and costly, and turned the cheap one up and the expensive one down and the cheap one still sounds rubbish.

I'm sure if I took AS's challenge (to win a pair of M40.1's if you can tell different amps apart) things would be equalised in such a way that I wouldn't hear a difference. But personally there are amps I know suit my ears and my system and those that give me a headache. Having spent over 40 years at this I know it to be true.

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