REGA: Harbeth question

So, I have just finished reading the whole Rega Brio-R thread and I had a few questions. Instead of crapping on someone else's thread though, I thought I would ask in a separate thread since it is not about the Brio specifically. I currently have a Leben CS300X and a pair of Reynaud Bliss loudspeakers.

While the combination is great at the low volumes I usually listen at (about 70db average), occasionally I like to listen a bit louder (maybe 75db average). These speakers are very live sounding with great presence and, in my 11x14 room, can become a bit overbearing (to my ears anyway). Others would probably be thrilled with the sound, but I think my ears are getting old so I was thinking about the Harbeth P3ESRs.

If my Leben and the Harbeths match my preferences then it means I have to go to war with my wife in order to get these speakers - not a pleasant thought. I saw that thread though and was thinking that if the Brio-R were really a super match for these speakers, then I could sell the Leben and get the Harbeths and Rega with almost nothing out of my pocket. No war. I have a dealer that carries Harbeth and Rega about 4 hours from my house.

I will most likely drive all the way down there with my amp and try things out, but I was wondering if it sounds insane to sell my Leben and get the Rega/Harbeth combo. I am not married to the Leben, but it has been the most successful at marrying tonality and PRaT. Would the Rega/Harbeth combo accomplish the same thing? From the things I have read here, it sounds like the Brio tries to accomplish the same thing as the Leben. I was hoping that the combo would give as much musical communication as my present system does, but without quite the same intensity.