GARRARD: Second arm for Garrard 401 or a better main arm?

Hi all,

I been told there's room on my plinth for a second arm. Only room for a 9" maybe 10" arm. It's a large Jarrah plinth.. ATM I have a 12" SA750L Jelco arm. With the possible carts Denon 103 with ESC mods. Benz Micro SL Wood and a Benz Micro Ace Mono, also a Ortofon 78 cart for a recent gift from my dad of his 200 or so collection of shellac  My thinking being to have the mono cart on the second arm.. With a maybe a occasional change over for 78 play..

Or do I consider a better main arm with the quick ability to change carts...  Has any body with a 401 use either a Graham or VPI tone arm?? I like their ability to change wands overs. However my budget might not enough for the latest Graham. But I have been offered an older graham 2.2 with two arm wands. I've mainly seen garrard's with SME type arms with the occasional different arm.. Is it a matter of synergy with the TT..  Suggestions would be really helpful..  Thanks

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