GARRARD: How to upgrade a turntable

Jason Kennedy (The Ear) writes .....

Contrary to the view that some people get, reviewing audio equipment is a ‘pastime’ that is fraught with dangers. For a start, the primary measuring ‘implement’ is a very personal, and individually flawed pair of ears. Secondly the environment varies not only with every reviewer on the planet, but also in terms of humidity, temperature, ambient noise and time of day. Added to this mix is a totally variable set of partnering equipment topped off by the mood of the reviewer when he or she is listening.

Sadly the ultimate empirical measured parameters often give very little clue as to how a piece of equipment is going to sound in any one situation, let alone as a general rule in most systems. The other aspect is that whenever a new piece of kit is substituted into a system it’s very tempting to alight upon differences rather than improvements, with first impressions sometimes colouring later conclusions if a very short reviewing period is imposed.

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