GARRARD: 301 questions – and a few thoughtful answers

Right, this is a really premature thread being as I'm skint I can't really see me having an awful lot of spare cash for a while, but...

Basically whilst mooching around on the net for a turntable I found a picture of a Garrard 301 in a teak and black plinth... Not so long ago, Hannah mentioned that if I get a new turntable can she help me choose it ... I agreed based on her overwhelming success at helping me find speakers (I just don’t learn... She's pretty, what can I say). So anyway, she said she would like a black and White one with a teak trim of some sorts, so I showed her the Garrard and guess what, we have a winner on the design front!

She was even more exited when told her the plinths were custom and she could effectively have final (to a point) say in the shape and colour of it!

She has even suggested she could put a bit of money into the pot for it for me for Xmas. Unfortunately I know nothing at all about Garrard decks other than the platter spins because of a rubber wheel thing and that these plinths get rid of the main inherent problem with that as a design...

So what else do I need to know?

What is a good way to go about looking for one of these decks?

I assume I can buy just the turntable bit and get the other bits when money permits ... Is that a good idea?

Am I likely to like it?

And a slightly more "out of the box" question... Are there any other shiny White vintage looking turntables of a similar design that a similar plinth could be made for that might be an alternative?

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