HARBETH: DACs and Phono Preamps for Croft 25 RLS/7RS combo and Harbeth P3ESR


After years of searching, I have finally found what I'm after. Harbeth P3esr powered by a Croft Micro 25 RLS and a Croft 7 RS. WOW!

So effortless, so sweet. I'm not going to miss my Naim setups. Besides Naim, I've tried a Brio-R, Exposure 2010s, LFD, TACT, Arcam....so many (not all with the Harbeth's). After visits to Living Stereo in NYC (Leben & Line Magnetic), Whetstone in Austin, TX (Leben) and the latest to Magnolia (McIntosh)....discovered what I really desired was some holographic 3D imaging, effortless/subtle details and sweet vocals that tubes seem to deliver. I've heard it out of Class-A Pass Labs and Luxman gear but can't afford it and don't have the room.

Okay, short answer... I'm in sonic bliss. Thank you to all the poster's that helped me discover Croft. I know it is a hybrid design but it seems to be the best of all worlds. No biasing. Also, such a beautiful match with the P3ESRs. Makes me want to move up the Harbeth chain.

Questions, My Arcam irDAC powered my a CAPs/SOTM Server/Teddy PSU seems to be doing very well. I have a lot of DSDs and would love a DAC that can play them natively instead of having jRiver convert them on the fly. They still sound wonderful but just wonder how much better they could sound. Should I just save my money to an Auralic Vega? The Arcam seems to be very Analog like. I was impressed by the Naim DAC-V1 but it doesn't offer DSD.

Also, need a good phono amp. Thinking of getting a Croft RIAA R but don't have a lot of rack space left. Make room? Alternative phono preamps? Ones that look interesting. New Rega, Heed Questar, Pro-ject Tube Box. It probably makes since saving for the RIAA R. Keep the Croft synergy? I'll probably move to a Ortofon Black from my Blue. MC... hummm maybe.

I know, just have to try them out in my system but maybe you can save me some time and money.

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