HARBETH: Super HL5 loudspeakers versus Rega RS7? Frankly, our team would find it hard to chose, very hard in fact!

I have rega brio-R's (dual mono set up) and rega saturn to test these two speakers on. Lived with the Harbeths for over 6 months so very familiar with its sound. Got the Rega's a few days ago. Initial impressions

The Harbeth has amazing tonal qualities which sound accurate not only in the midrange but also in the treble and bass. The Rega's are more transparent probably due to less body and tonal warmth than the Harbeths. They can sound particularly lean in the midrange with a very monotonal treble, which also appears to lack body, no match whatsoever with the Harbeth's. The Regas do however have great speed and highlight the artistic skills of vocalists and musicians, giving an exciting degree of insight. The Harbeths also do this but in a more relaxed ?? more natural pace. But as the sound is 'full tonally' it does not accentuate higher and mid range frequencies to the same extent as the Rega, appearing on first listen as lacking transparency and speed. Ultimately the pace and transparency of the Harbeths feels more realistic, as do the instruments.

Will reposition the regas..... perhaps too far away from the rear wall (about 4-5 feet) to do justice to the midrange. Any other suggestions would be appreciated to get the best out of them. I am using regas quattro speaker cables that match the amps so well.