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FYI: A thread – from a while back - that some might find contains interesting observations, advice and so on. Certainly worth dipping in and out of if you have only a few minutes to spare.

Neil / editor in chief


Sour grapes methinks? - and the 40.1 is one of the best sorted large passive speakers in modern production I've heard. Maybe yours weren't set up right, although you did get good comments from the room at a Bristol show you exhibited them at. Regarding UK supply.

I know two UK dealers who actually sell a good few pairs each to UK customers each quarter and neither have issues with supply, unless it's a tricky finish that they don't have stock made up on. Even then, the delay isn't weeks and weeks... Like I said above - you need to speak the language, "walk the walk" and "talk the talk," with clients and suppliers (and forums), to get what you need from them and vice-versa . P.S. every story has two sides.