SME: Model 10 – a user’s perspective

Editor's note 29/04/2000. This is an 'old' thread but having checked it this morning there are still a few interesting and relevant observations I feel


Went back to vinyl around 4 years ago when I purchased an LP12 , however the LP12 was too sensitive with the tone arm bouncing across the records when you walked on the floor. From there it was onto an Orbe SE which was a fantastic turntable. On the 14th of February put an order in for an SME 10 model with the V tonearm after a few auditions. After a long wait the turntable finally was installed last night by the dealer. WOW ! The scale of detail is quite starling the 10 manages to dig out the extra detail in the back ground that I have never heard before which makes you want to keep playing album after album.

The scale of the stereo imaging is also awesome. This turntable is a master peace. Originally went for the 20/12 model but after hearing the 10 in the configuration the dealer set up I knew this was the model 10 to go for. It fits into my system perfectly. Have heard SME are the Rolex of turntables and have to agree with that. The turntable is built like a rock with attention to detail a delight. Power supply has the platter up to seed and stopping at a touch of the switch. A needle safe guard is also there so you can balance your hand when putting the needle onto the record. You also don't need a dusty slip matt as SME tables don't need one due to the way the make the top of the platter. The Model 10 also has a small foot print

My system is a fully aktive Linn Akurate with a DS player, In all honesty this Model 10 with the V arm and sumko Celebration 11 knocks the soaks off the DS player even with it's 24bit recordings. Anyone looking for a new turntable should audition this model it really is a classic peace of kit



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