ELECTROCOMPANIET: Upgrading from an ECP1 phono stage?

Q: My system comprises: Electrocompaniet EC1-2 and Electrocompaniet AW60FTT bi-amping early Acoustic Energy AE1s on AE stands, Michell Orbe SE with Origin Live modified RB250 and Dynavector 20X and Electrocompaniet ECP1 phono stage. I am aware the arm and cartridge could be improved, and possibly the phono stage. I would appreciate your recommendations on an upgrade path and would an A.N.T. Audio Kora 3T LTD be a good choice? Many thanks in anticipation of your advice.

A: My thoughts would be around an LFD LE phono stage; the ANT is lovely, but the LFD adds a tiny bit more warmth and euphony, whilst being very closely matched to the ANT in other respects. The next weakest link is the Dynavector, which is a fine and musical budget MC but you're really going to get up towards something from the Ortofon range to get anything like the best from your Orbe. Final change, for me, would be the tonearm, to the Origin Live Encounter, which works beautifully on the Orbe. This would add extra space, depth and finesse to your already fine sounding OL RB250.

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