STAX: Partnered with NAIM

Hello. Some time next year I intend (God willing) to buy a Stax earspeaker system. I will probably go for a solid state energiser package, and as funds permit go for the best option available. I used to have a Stax system years ago which I bought second hand from a friend, this was sold about twenty years ago, for good reason at the time. I am currently a little frustrated with the limitations of loudspeaker based systems, and I am seriously considering a Stax system as my main means of listening. My current system is Naim: CDX2, 282, 200 and Totem Arro speakers.

I think my main area of frustration lies with amplification. I have not owned a system yet were I have not encountered some differences in tonal balance between left and right channels or a slightly different sound. These are differences which I can hear but a pressure meter apparently does not indicate. I like the foot tapping, musicality of the Naim sound but, even though slight, the anomalies I have mentioned, for me, detract from the music. I am hoping that a Stax system receiving a signal at source will help the problem.

As I am sure you are aware the CDX2 is equipped with a choice of outputs Din or phono, which is handy for switching between Stax and loudspeakers without having to compromise the Stax sound through a pre-amp. Finally to my question. Is it possible and or desirable to connect a Stax system using a Naim Din to Din hi-line ? There are definite improvements when using speakers and I wondered if you or any of your customers have experimented with this?

What is the best alternative available to me so I can maximise the Stax System (when I buy it) with the CDX2?

Thank you for your time

Kind Regards

I. M

Fine speakers. I'm not personally acquainted with the other items though.

I have from time to time experienced this imbalance problem myself, but have never come to any conclusions as to what caused it. There were occasions where I frantically tried to exchange pairs of leads in an attempt to alleviate this. In the end though, I gave up on this. I still experience it - but I have managed to ignore it generally.

A number of my customers who have moved away from Naim, either via me or via other retailers have felt in retrospect that while the pace and rhythm of the Naim is undoubted and attractive, this might possible have been achieved at the cost of transparency and separation. All very subjective of course.

Based on my supply of STAX equipment to numerous NAIM owners, my suspicion is that STAX might be the answer you seek.

All of my STAX customers who use NAIM use custom made Din to 2-phono interconnect built by the Chord company. All of them are delighted with the effect. I don’t stock their products – but I am happy to recommend them. It seems very selfish not to! Click HERE for details.

Regarding precisely the quality of interconnect you need, it’s difficult to give a specific recommendation. To some extent of course the interconnect will influence the dynamics and presentation. Given the costs of your current equipment and your anticipated purchase of a STAX system, I would be reluctant to suggest that you spend more that £250 per interconnect from Chord.