STAX: Selling the Simply-STAX brand? No way! I killed it instead!

Originally published here in 2009

Please pass this to Mr. Popeck. Thanks. Allen. Had you considered selling/licencing the Simply Stax 'brand'........? Seems a shame to let it die...

I did - for a second or so. But then I remembered what Gram Parsons was alleged to have said in that "Death is like a warm overcoat on a freezing morning". I rather like that. Not only has it been an ethos by which I view my mortality (not so far away perhaps) but it's a very pleasing thought re the simply-STAX experience.

I killed it peacefully and gracefully (reasons can be found elsewhere on this site) under my tender gaze and then buried it where it can never be found.

Unlike Abba (possibly), this band isn't reforming.


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