SME: Their 3009 vs more modern turntable / arm?

Hi guys - I wondered if you guys would give me your opinions on this subject. I have an SME 3009 which was my grandfathers. I think it may need a bit of tlc to get it in working order, (although there's nothing visibly wrong with it it hasn't been used for at least 30 years) and then I would need to buy a turntable to go with it. If I were to 'restore' the arm and then get something like a technics 1200 to go with it, how do you think that set-up would compare to a more modern, 'entry' turntable like a Pro-ject debut carbon?

There is already a lot of 'warmth' in my system - radford valve power amp, celestion ditton 15xr speakers. I also don't really want to get into too much hassle with the vinyl side of things. I listen to CD's 99% of the time and the turntable will just be for very occasional use. Any thoughts on the pros/cons of either option would be gratefully received.


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