LOST IMMORTALS: What rock bands and/or songs never get played anymore?


RJ Holland writes ...

I stopped listening to the radio many years ago for two reasons. First reason, they keep rehashing the same songs over and over. Why is that? I thought, wow, these guys must be making tremendous royalties because these same songs are played day in and day out all year long. What about other great songs?

The other reason was that as a drummer in bands with a 40 year career, I’ve played all those songs that are played on the radio a million times and I am just sick of them.

Most of the music I listen to now are the jazz greats and music of the 1930’s and 40’s.

Yesterday I watched the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I loved it. The old TV shows and the era brought me back to the days I was a teenager. The soundtrack was terrific, a lot of songs you DON’T HEAR ANYMORE.

I played those songs in my bands and I hadn’t heard them for years. We played Hush by Deep Purple, Rambling Man by Bob Seeger, Keep Me Hanging on by the Vanilla Fudge, songs by Paul Revere and the Raiders among others. Our keyboard player had a Hammond B3 with Leslie speakers and we could get the sound down for those songs pretty good. You don’t hear those songs on the radio, at least I don’t.

When I’m working in my workshop sometimes I turn it on and yep, the same old crap repeating day after day. That’s why I listen to science podcasts these days. I haven’t heard those songs in many years and you know what, they warmed my heart.

Hearing them, I was back behind my drum kit on stage with the boys in front of me and the dance floor jam packed. I was home again.

Thank you Quentin Tarantino for bringing back those memories.

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