HUMBLE PIE: For Your Love 1969

Howard Popeck:

Steve Marriot. As you probably recall he was the joint founder of the Small Faces and because of the fully justified popularity of the band I haven't chosen to play any of the Hits. You can get them elsewhere!

Now then subsequent to Small Faces he formed a band with Pete Frampton, he of The Herd and they were known as Humble Pie.

The original band line-up featured lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott from Small Faces, vocalist and guitarist Peter Frampton from The Herd, former Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley and a 17-year-old drummer, Jerry Shirley, from The Apostolic Intervention.

Marriott had initially wanted Frampton to join the Small Faces as a second guitarist in order to expand their musical horizons rather than form an entirely new group with him, but this proposal met with resistance from Marriott's bandmates Ronnie Lane and Ian McLagan.

You might only recall them as being a hard rock band and yes, they certainly were but there was much more than this and they were capable of quite subtle soft acoustic songs when the mood took them.

I saw them a couple of times live, Once at the London Roundhouse where they were in the early days full of confidence despite the lack of a live performances behind them. Playing mainly an acoustic set and then from recollection some hard rock stuff toMy good friend Tony Besgrove who I didn't know at the time, during conversation we discovered that we both saw Humble Pie give a magnificent live performance in front of the vast crowd on a Saturday in 1971 ... free of charge in Hyde Park. They supported Grand funk Railroad and ‘Head, Hands & Feet’ which I might tell you about at another time.

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