DILLARD & CLARK: Train Leaves Here This Mornin’

Howard Popeck:

The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark is a country rock album by Dillard & Clark. The album was recorded in 1968, shortly after Gene Clark departed the Byrds for the second time, and Doug Dillard left the Dillards. The album is hailed by critics and musicians as a unique masterpiece at the intersection of country rock and Americana.

Ever since I became acquainted with the Californian band the Byrds and I mention Californian rather than confuse you with the UK band of a different spelling I've had an appreciation of country rock - as exemplified by the Eagles - although they are not necessarily my favourite band of the genre.

Anyway, one of the leading lights in terms of song composition in the Byrds was the rather tragic Gene Clark. He had a number of episodes including a reluctance to fly … which of course made touring rather problematic ... and he was plagued by alcohol abuse and more.

He was a magnificent talent and was much admired byhis peers as wellas being I suppose pitied

On the other hand of course there is his music which still stands the test of time and he had a one-off collaboration with one of the members of the band the Dillards and particular album is well worth checking out and I've selected the most, for me musically engaging track which never fails to bring back very happy memories during my dark periods and happy periods too.

This is one of those tracks which some Germans describe as “Ohrwurm” – this German word literally means “ear worm” and describes a tune or piece of music that is stuck in one’s head. Earworm.

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