HARBETH: Driven by Marantz Pearl Lite?

I've bought from Harbeth the P3ESR and I ask myself if I should buy another amplifier. My listening room is about 9m² and I do not play loud! What do you think about  the brand LFD MKIII. Now I use a Marantz Pearl Lite. Shall I stay at Marantz or consider an LFD Zero LE Mk3.

I have given your question considerable thought. My conclusions might surprise you. Here, in bullet-point form is the logic as I see it:

  • Even through I don’t stock Marantz, I do have a realistic and healthy respect for the brand in general and the Pearl Lite range in particular
  • The LFD Zero LE Mk3 ended its production run in October 2010 and was replaced by the superior (in the bass end) Zero LE Mk4.
  • The Mk4 has in my direct personal experience driven the P3ESR better than any amplifier I have ever heard. However compared to your existing Marantz, it is very expensive
  • Given your room size and volume level and if this were my money rather than yours, I’d possibly stick with Marantz. However …
  • As very cost effective alternative to a brand new Zero LE Mk4 (I've never seen a used item) at £2,250 inc UK Vat would be a preowned LFD pre/power combination. Typically these sell for around £1,200 and come with a full 24 month warranty. Might this be of interest? If so I can send details.

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