PUNK: Anarchy in the UK … punk’s early years

Jordan, punk photos

Sean O'Hagen writes as follows: " Sheila Rock's fascinating photographs of punk, which have been turned into a lavish book, document the scene in its thrilling infancy. Nearly 40 years on, she explains why she never dreamed her work would prove so significant. 'I was simply in the right place at the right time," says Sheila Rock of her archive of early punk photographs, which, having sat in a box in her garden shed for years, have been turned into a beautifully designed, limited edition book entitled Punk+. Having just arrived in London from America, Rock was invited to see the Patti Smith Group's now legendary performance at the Roundhouse in May 1976 by her friend, Lenny Kaye, Smith's guitarist. Kaye also told her about a punk group called the Clash, who were playing a few months later at the ICA. Intrigued, Rock went along with her camera and started snapping."


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