Your ideal “good enough” system?

I love my main system, but if the house burnt down it would cost bonkers money to replace. Assuming I started again how much would I spend? My ideal value-for-money system would:

  • A sub £1000 CDP or Computer Audio set-up.
  • A sub £1000 second hand TEAD Vibe pre-amp.
  • A second hand Rotel poweramp for peanuts.
  • A £1000 pair of Yamaha NS1000Ms
  • A second hand Roksan Xerxes / Artemiz and a Koetsu Black with a couple of hundred pounds to have it fettled by Ian at UHES, with a second hand TEAD MicroGroove.
  • Cheap good quality interconnects and speaker cables.
  • Some pulsar points under equipment and speakers.

This is still quite a lot of money but probably less than a good second hand NAP 500.

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