CD albums that are truly 10/10 ? – and then over to you

Over the past couple of years I've been shocked at the sound quality of some CDs but equally there have been others that have blown my socks of.

With the right system and right CD it can sound every bit as good as vinyl IMHO. Sadly, it doesn't matter how good your system is, if it's a shit CD then you've got no chance.

So, I thought I'd like to start building a list of CD albums with great sound quality AS WELL AS great musical content.

I realise that the musical content bit is entirely subjective but I'm happy to live with that.

I often by CDs on a whim. I'd be happier doing that if I knew the quality was going to be good.

So how about we're allowed THREE PICKS EACH to start off.

Here's my three to kick off

NILS LOFGREN: Acoustic Live
JOSS STONE: Soul Sessions
GILLIAN WELCH: Harrow and the Harvest.

Over to you . . .

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