SCV / EarMen Tradutto DA Converter

The EarMen Tradutto (roughly translated from “translator" in English) is an ultra high resolution DAC featuring fully balanced architecture. From the chip to the outputs on the rear of the unit, audio is amplified but otherwise untouched to deliver exquisite clarity.

Tradutto’s circuit is built on a gold plated PCB with improved power filtering. By reducing the draw of current, the circuit dodges common interference from WiFi, mobile phone and even Bluetooth signals which may be present from neighbouring devices.

  • High performance ES9038Q2M DAC chap
  • Digital audio support up to 32bit/768kHz or DSD512
  • MQA / MQA Studio support
  • Gold plated PCB
  • Built-in Qualcomm 5.1 HD Bluetooth
  • XMOS 16-core chip for hardware decoding
  • 4.4mm headphone output
  • Fully balanced outputs throughout

SSP (inc VAT) £ 699.00

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