YOU ARE GROUNDED, SON: Turntable grounding opinions?

Hi hoping to be spoon fed some nuggets of advice on grounding from a knowledgable fishie or 2 :)

My turntable has a grounding wire attached to the underside of the bearing assembly, as well as the more traditional ground wire alongside the tonearm cable. I have 2 issues to try and fix - one is standard hum which I could do with a few simple tips on (plug phono stage and TT in same socket / different sockets etc?)

It is fairly constant - fades in and out a bit if I move the phone stage / cables around. So while the cupboard it's in is full of electronics - I don't think it's RF interference (maybe wrong :) ) Second is when I touch the finger lift, or when I put the turntable weight on - I get static / crackle coming through the the speakers.

Hum is most annoying as it makes me feel like it could be getting in the way of the finer details of the music  Crackle when touching stuff less so - but would love to know where I should stick that bloody spare grounding wire!!! (careful now.....)

Thanks in advance

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