TRANSFORMERS + HUM = the balance of power

Paul White

Paul White writes .....

No sooner had I opened a new file to write this leader column, aimed squarely at the annoyance of external power supplies, than I received an email from one of our long-time readers asking if he could submit a Sounding Off piece in favour of them. His argument was that by getting all those nasty little transformers away from the rest of the audio gear, there’s less chance of hum pickup. Up to a point that is perfectly true, and in fact I have no beef with properly designed external power supplies, but, sadly, some of the nastier ones actually inject interference back into the mains supply.

While some manufacturers do indeed decide to use properly designed external power supplies to improve technical performance, a great many others use consumer PSUs because they are cheap and because it simplifies the process of getting new designs approved for sale in different countries. Unfortunately, I’m told there are regulations that prevent the equipment designers from .....

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