SCV Welcome EarMen To Distribution Portfolio

This month SCV are excited to announce a new partnership with portable audio innovators EarMen, based in Chicago, IL.

Launched by Milomir ‘Miki’ Trosic, founder of high-end tube     audio manufacturer Auris Audio, EarMen’s mission is to develop new solutions for mobile audio users who crave musical enjoyment, high resolution and real detail from their portable audio devices, on-the-go or wherever they may choose to listen.

"With this thought in mind, EarMen was born - on a quest to deliver the highest quality audio experience while granting you the freedom to enjoy your music without limitations."

Portable High-Performance Audio Devices for All

To bridge the gap between audiophile listeners and an ever-changing portable market that sees more headphone jacks disappearing each day, EarMen crafted a three-pronged game plan: powerful audio components, elegant design and simple plug and play use.

Each product in the EarMen range is developed to be ultra-portable, in a comfortable format to fit in one’s pocket alongside a smartphone. Extending the renowned aptitude for audio technology embodied by sister company Auris, each EarMen product also features powerful amplification and world class audio processing, powered by components from such trusted manufacturers as ESS and Texas Instruments. Finally, to achieve ultimate ease of use, each EarMen model can be seamlessly used with all major smartphones (including Android and iPhone), as well as both Mac and PC computers.

Meet the EarMen range...


A high-performance pocket DAC powered by SABRE conversion chip and playing all major high resolution formats including PCM, DXD and DSD. Eagle weighs in at just 15 grams and is compatible with all major smartphone and computer operating systems.


Built around ESS’s flagship ES9281PRO chip, the Sparrow is high resolution DAC, preamp and headphone amplifier offering unprecedented detail, clarity and precision for portable listening. Sparrow also offers MQA rendering and compatibility with top streaming platforms such as Qobuz and Tidal.


A pristine battery powered DAC, headphone amp and preamplifier boasting 10 hours of run time on a single charge, unprecedented range, and ultra-low distortion. Like it's Sparrow sibling, the TR-Amp is compatible with Tidal Masters and Qobuz (with MQA) and integrates to smartphones and Mac computers via class compliant drivers with no third-party installations required. Windows drivers are also available for PC users.

Every EarMen product is intricately designed and manufactured in Europe with powerful, specially selected audio components to offer portable listeners the reliable performance and the best compromise-free audio experience possible.

EarMen products are reaching the UK for October 2020. For all enquiries relating to the range, product specifications, availability and pricing, contact our consumer audio sales department.

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