VINTAGE: How does 70/80’s Hi-Fi compare to modern sound wise?


Hi all

Not wishing to start any sort of war here but was wondering, as I have not seen or read anything Hi-Fi related for more than 30 years, how does modern equipment compare to the better equipment from the 80's.

Has sound reproduction improved or does the older gear still hold its own.

Been looking to update my 30 odd year old system but don't know if modern equipment has improved on the audio quality I already get.

Current items I have had since the mid 80's consist of a Pioneer LP-112D turntable with Ortofon MM cartridge. Pioneer A-70 Amp, With Tannoy Murcury M2 Speakers, it all sound good when new and to me still sounds good today, but I am now in a position to update things but not wishing to end up dropping a couple of grand only to find I have not got anything better than I already have, was wondering if anything has really improved over the last 30 years, or did sound quality get as good as it could be back in the 70/80's.

Thanks for any feedback on this


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