VINYL: The hidden benefits of recycled vinyl

Paul McGowan writes: 

Reader Barry McCarthy wrote me: “I like reading your quick daily thoughts on the state of our hobby. Today’s post caused me to to think of over abundance and how we live with it.

I have a much more modest collection of music (about 400 LPs and 600 CD/SACDs). Recently, as I looked at all of the music on my shelves, I thought of my son-in-law who loves LPs but has a very modest collection. So, I culled out 60 LPs and 25 CDs and sent them off as a surprise package – he was thrilled.

I often read how we we want to get others involved in our hobby, maybe we have to get them started at the beginning, where we started—with the music, not the equipment.”

I couldn’t agree more.  What have you done lately to bring someone else into the fold?

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