ASK ALEX: Black Eyed Peas / Jadakiss ft. Anthony Hamilton / How to interview a rapper

Contemporary music editor Alex M writes ...

Q4: What are good questions to ask a rapper? Thanks L M Smith

Depending on the rappers and the questions you want to ask , most of the time it is best to ask open questions that aren't personal so the rapper can elaborate . Heres a video of when asking rappers goes wrong .

Q5: Black Eyed Peas – “Where is the Love?” What’s this all about/ i just don’t get it. Cheers.

First single to officiate Fergie in the group , also has justin timberlakes vocals included , the song is dedicated to the 911 september attacks on New York trade centre , the song is a attempt to promote peace and forgiveness . To try and get people to spread love not hate as this fear of attack was deflected on minorities from the Middle East . I suppose the song failed but maybe helped some people?

Q6: hi alex. any thoughts you care to share re Jadakiss ft. Anthony Hamilton

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