LFD AUDIO: Cable identification problems / potential for fraud

Q: Why do the makers refuse to put their logo on their cable and why are the cable models not identified?


The perfectly valid questions are a major point of contention between Dr Bews and myself. Despite pointing out the avoidable problems, of which quite a few emerged in the pre-owned market, he told me [and this is some years ago] point blank that he was not prepared to explain nor change his views. Pretty much ‘take it or leave it’

Only he can, with any certainty, definitively tell the difference. Believe it or not, all and every interconnect uses a black sheathing, differing only by the nature of the weave, the coarseness of the sheathing strands and the space between the strands – and available to anyone.

As my request for a set of high-res images so that I can at least on behalf of enquirers was ignored, I gave up on this.


I have had to restrict my 100% trade-in / upgrade allowance to only customers who have bought LFD interconnects from me – for obvious reasons. Clearly I cannot afford the risk of buying in [from a third party] a cable no doubt offered in good faith by a seller [who cannot for certain clarify the authenticity] on to one of my customers.

Frustrating, inexplicable and avoidable.


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